It’s 2017 & Pastor Murda Mase Just Ethered Cam’ron With His ‘The Oracle’ Diss Track

Is it 2004 again? If not it damn sure feels like it because today we’re having to report that Mase aka Murda Mase aka Pastor Mase aka Pastor Murda Mase has stepped back in the studio to diss his former Harlem friend, Dipset‘s own Cam’ron.

“Imagine 20 years with a bitter b*tch and same the drama/Dame told you do this sh*t and you don’t see Dame karma?/K9 on your ass with no distraction/ P*ssy n*gga wearin’ pink I guess he think he matchin’/ I’ma paint the picture and let the hittas make the caption/ F*ck bars I’m tell n*ggas what really happened.”

The 4 minute diss track over Jay-Z’s Blueprint 2 instrumental makes us reminisce on mixtape days of the past when rappers use to get their asshole ripped out by competitors in the heat of battle. Check out Mase’s Oracle track below: