40 Glocc Has Recovered From His Recent Shooting & Back Talking Plenty Sh*t

It was last week when we reported that California rapper 40 Glocc was shot at a funeral in San Bernardino, CA. Though, he suffered injury by the grace of God the rapper is still with us and he recently took to Instagram to do what he does best – talk sh*t.

40 Glocc posted a picture on the social media site with read, “Yall know God wasn’t letting a 100% busta take me out with no sucka move like that! At my lil homie funeral… God let me eat all them 45 shells at point blank range to my chest & arm like happy meal. B*tch ass cowards aint give me sh*t but a $160K hospital bill and f*ck my tatz up! Thanks for the prayers yall I’m the last of a dead breed. The gimmicks is up I’m back. I love yall! I’m blessed. #GodsChild”

Along with the post the rapper would within his caption take shots at an affiliate of The Game, Wack 100, in response of Wack mocking the rapper while he was recovering from the gun shots.

Good to see 40 Glocc back to 100%, lets increase the peace.