50 Cent Calls Jay-Z Grimy For Releasing Album Same Day As Nas

After months of anticipation Nas’ Kanye West-produced Nasir album released June 15th exclusively on TIDAL. Though, its reign on top was short lived due to it being overshadowed by another surprise release through TIDAL, Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Everything Is Love.

Now 50 Cent is calling out Jay-Z for what he considers ‘underhanded’ tactics. In a clip that surfaced online of 50 talking to DJ Whoo Kid he would state, “It’s f*cked up what they did to Nas man. I know what you did to Nas [Jay-Z]. That’s f*cked up n*gga.” 50 would continue by saying, “He came out on the same weekend. This n*gga still slapping him without anybody noticing. ‘When your sh*t coming out? My sh*t coming out.” He would conclude by saying, “I be saying f*ck that I do what I want to do and they be looking at me like I’m grimy for doing that. This n*gga be super quiet doing some super grimy sh*t.”

Check out the clip below: