50 Cent Wants To Work With New York Rapper Curly Savv

50-Cent-LiveRecently 50 Cent appeared on episode 21 of N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN’s very popular Drink Champs podcast. He sat down to talk about several things including his relationship with N.O.R.E., Donald Trump, Kanye West, & him denying being petty. During the conversation he also explained (before the beef of coarse) why he took a liking to Meek Mill during the early success of his career. He broke down that he loved seeing Meek go from being just a young kid in the hood rapping on YouTube to a star, he liked the raw element. 50 compared Meek’s success to rising star of New York & internet sensation Curly Savv.

50 Cent stated in the interview, “I got a record for yall I’ll play it right here on the podcast so yall can hear it. – Kids out of New York City, he’s like 16 years old, guy name Curly Savv. – I like him. – I might do something with him.” 50 would go on to talk about another rising star out of New York who’s been getting plenty of love and made his mark via YouTube, A Boogie With The Hoodie, stating he likes to stay in tune with what’s going on with the young crowd.

Be sure to check out 50 Cent’s whole interview on Drink Champs podcast here (he starts to talk about Curly Savv & A Boogie With The Hoodie around the 55 minute mark of the interview). Check out a couple of tracks that feature Curly Savv below:


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