Absolute Heat: Baltimore Ravens’ Tight End Darren Waller Drops ‘Andale’ Single

Baltimore Ravens TE Darren Waller has been dropping some heat lately as rapper D Wall. DatWAV reported about his project titled Better Call Wall, which is hosted by 3rdy Baby. After that, D Wall dropped Ape which was the first single to the project. Ape was an anthem style banger with an extremely catchy hook. Today, we got some new fire from D Wall in the form of another Fowler produced track titled Andale .

We are not sure if this track is going to make the project but it could definitely be a single on its own. The song opens with a drumless loop of what sounds like a trumpet. The turn up begins very quick when the beat drops, the drums and snare kick in, and D Wall starts rapping “I need a bag andale” while dragging out the last syllable. You have to play this song for the first time while driving 100mph with the windows down and the volume all the way up. Talk about getting hyped. Finding his flow on instrumentals seems to be D Wall’s strong-suit, especially with hooks.

It’s very obvious that football isn’t the only talent that Darren Waller has. Not many professional athletes can be taken seriously as musicians but D Wall will have no problem fitting in. He has the potential and skills to really be something in the rap game.

It would be interesting to hear a track with D Wall featuring another professional athlete like Iman Shumpert or Le’Veon Bell. For now, stream the new single below.

-Written By Buzz B-