Actress Paula Jai Carter Says Diddy Use To Get Beat Up ‘Back In The Day’

You might remember Paula Jai Carter playing Ice Cube’s girlfriend, Joi, in the 1995 classic Friday film. Carter sat down with DJ Vlad and VladTV to discuss various topics including her getting into acting and getting the her ever so unforgettable role in Friday. While speaking on industry relationships Another topic would come up in one of the more recently released clips of Bad Boy CEO, Diddy, getting beat up.

“I met Puffy, he was getting beat up!” Carter would state while uncontrollably being able to hold in her laughter. “But we love Puffy. I be like, ‘Leave Puffy alone! I be the first one,” she would continue. Vlad would give Carter a reaction of being surprised at the information he was hearing in which she would respond, “Oops. Thought everybody knew. I didn’t know people didn’t know. Sorry Puffy.”

Check out the clip below: