An Alleged Affiliate Of Yo Gotti Is Issuing Young Dolph A “Final” Warning (Video)

It was back in February when Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s tour van was showered with 100 bullets while in Charlotte for CIAA. Though, the rapper would escape the scene untouched due to the vehicle was bulletproof. Ever since the incident Young Dolph has taunted the shooters that participated in the shooting even going as far to tweet out, “You lose,” on Twitter followed by laughing emojis and release a project titled Bulletproof.

Well, now a video of an alleged affiliate of Yo Gotti has surfaced and he’s fed up with the taunting from Young Dolph. The man would take to video to state, “I don’t get in n*ggas business, I don’t speak on a lot of sh*t, I be knowing a lot of sh*t but check this out. This rap beef sh*t need to gone end. I’m tired hearing about this sh*t with Young Dolph (and) Yo Gotti. I told the n*gga before all this sh*t happen my homie Gotti them gone put that pressure down, the pressure done already been applied. So all that talking you doing Dolph it’s war time. N*gga don’t wanna hear about no bulletproof and all that. You steady talking about how a n*gga miss with a hundred shots. Your f*ckin car was bulletproof – keep it gangsta!” The man would conclude with, “If you was in that f*cking Ferrari your f*cking head was gone.”

CMG artist Blac Youngsta is currently out on bond after being arrested for possibly being involved in the shooting. Reports state that the truck used in the shooting that involved Young Dolph was rented out by Blac Youngsta. Lets hope that everything in this situation works itself out without anyone getting hurt or worst. Check out the video clip below:

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