Apple In Talks To Purchase Tidal Streaming Service From Jay Z


Jay Z could be looking at a big pay day from Apple CEO Tim Cook, as the Wall Street Journal states anonymous sources saying Apple is in “exploratory” talk of buying TIDAL. Although, a spokesperson from the streaming service said there hasn’t been any talks taking place.

Now the reason Apple would be interested in the purchase could be, TIDAL’s direct connection with artists something that could boost what Apple Music offers. Not to mention exclusivity of high profiled albums & mixtape releases has been a big thing in recent years. Buying the company could arm Apple with more content than other competitors such as Spotify & Google play can’t offer.

Jay Z originally bought the service in March of 2015 for $56 Million, also sharing ownership with other artists & offering Hi Fi sound. Last year there was rumor that Apple has approached artists from the TIDAL camp, which was right before seeing “exclusive” tied to releases from Rihanna, Kanye West, Prince & other artists.

It’s been recently reported that TIDAL recently topped 3 Million Subscribers, up a million from just last fall and has just reached 4.2 Million.

Though, despite those quickly growing numbers it would be a very difficult task to stay in competition with already massive company’s such as Apple, Google, & Microsoft. TIDAL is also still down a large margin to Spotify so this business move would be a logical exit for the streaming service.