Battle Rapper Daylyt Goes On A Rant & States “I’m Happy The Police Is Shooting Niggas” (Video)

BattleRapperDaylytBattle rapper Daylyt has always been outspoken & the king of troll when it comes to hip-hop but now the battle rapper has took to the internet to speak on the current situation at hand with policeman murdering multiple innocent African Americans in cold blood.

In the video Daylyt starts off the rant with a rather cold statement saying “I’m happy that the police is shooting these n*ggas,” he goes on to explain himself by saying, “I’m happy but let me tell you why – This is the only f*cking sh*t that get black people together – it is the only f*cking thing that get black people to f*cking stand up to-f*cking-gether.” Daylyt continued his rant speaking on gang violence & black on black crime and saying, “If a white nigga don’t kill us we’ll never f*cking come together.” He even drew a conclusion that the policeman that have been killing African Americans while on duty might be the “good cops” that sacrifice their career to get black people to come together (yeah I know sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t to me too).

The West Coast battle rapper also called out rappers who rap violent lyrics, specifically Dej Loaf, reciting her break out hit Try Me, stating that rappers promote violence but when it’s time to get violent they are never around. Watch Daylyt’s rant in the video below: