BEEF: Young Thug Clowns YFN Lucci, Accuses Him Of Wearing ‘Mall Jewelry’

Atlanta rappers Young Thug and YFN Lucci have been going back and forward with each other publicly since 2016. The beef is rumored to stem from things that occurred in the streets outside of rap before the two even blew up.

It was in March of this year when the two would have words for each other on Instagram. It all began when Thug threatened to slap Lucci and Sauce Walka over their criticisms towards the Atlanta rapper’s ‘slime lingo’. Lucci would respond by calling Thug ‘homophobic slurs’. This would continue to escalate to a long day of online back and forward between the two. The situation would die down shortly afterwards (online anyway).

Now Thug is heating things back up in a new video clip he post online on July 29th. He would take to his Instagram story recording a video of costume jewelry in the mall. “Oh this where Lucci be coming?” he would say as he recorded the video clip. YFN Lucci has yet to respond to the video clip. Check it out below: