Big Soulja Returns With A Epic 11 Minute Instagram Live Rant, Calls Out All Competitors

It was recently reported that Soulja Boy experienced a near death incident in Southern California. The rapper’s car was caught in a mudslide that flooded the streets of California which was caused by a storm. According to Soulja his car was nearly swept into the ocean by the natural disaster.

Soulja Boy was shook up but the wreckage that nearly took his life but he is now back in his bag. The 28-year-old rapper took to his Instagram Live last night to go on a rant reminiscent of his 2016 beef spree when he went at Lil Yachty, Migos, Southside, Rico Recklezz, and others.

In the 11 minute rant Soulja Boy would certify himself as the best rapper in the game, say he had the biggest comeback of 2018, and announce that he is now a member of Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s MPR brand. Big Soulja would also call out all competitors, welcoming them to a fade in Los Angeles, California. Check out the full 11 minute rant from Piru Soulja below: