Boosie Badazz Is Being Criticized For Offering His Son ‘Head’ For His Birthday

Boosie Badazz is the king of stirring the pot and sending the media into a frenzy. The Baton Rouge rapper is currently receiving backlash after offering his some ‘head’ for his birthday.

The rapper would take to Instagram to wish his 14-year-old son, Tootie, a happy birthday. In the caption Boosie would state, “Happy gday @tootie_raww love you son with all my heart Pops see u tomorrow got a bag for you n a bad b*tch to give u some head u already know how I do it Tootie Raww the mixtape dropping Oct.1st.”

The internet would offer several responses calling the gesture child molestation among other statements.

Boosie would respond after the backlash stating he was just ‘clowning on Instagram‘. He would continue by saying, “I ain’t gone go get him no head, I ain’t gone bring him nobody to get him no head. But if he wanna get him some head from a girl he 14 years old it’s cool. I was f*cking at 14. F*cking is popular at 14/15 years old that’s when they be in heat. Ya’ know but I’m not going to bring a girl to give him head. But from what I know he done got head before.”