Break Out The Shiny Suits: Mase Returns With ‘Rap Rushmore’ With Puff Daddy & DJ Khaled

We witnessed the return of Murda Mase when he dropped a lyrical atomic bomb on the rap game going at Cam’ron titled The Oracle. The scorching track over Jay-Z’s Blue Print 2 instrumental would send the net into a frenzy, making the 90’s star relevant once again.

Now Mase has returned with Puff Daddy & DJ Khaled, relinquishing his pastor past and stepping back into his Bad Boy roots. Mase shows he hasn’t lost a step on the new tune, Rap Rushmore. “I’m the only pretty n*gga from the city / H*es or Diddy ever had love for /Give a n*gga mug for / Dope boy swag I ain’t never /Had it cut raw,” he flows over the very 90ish sounding beat.

It looks like we might can be expecting a new project from Murda Mase, perhaps in 2018? We’ll just have to stay tune to see, check out the track below: