Bullet That Killed Ronald “Banga” McPhatter Matches Troy Ave’s Gun


The updates continue to come in about the shooting that occurred on May 26 at the Irving Plaza, that injured two women, one man, and left another man, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, dead.

Troy Ave was released from the hospital and pled not guilty on May 31st to charges of attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Although, a gun was found in a hidden compartment in a van that matched the bullet that killed Troy Ave’s friend & bodyguard, Ronald “Banga McPhatter. The same van that the gun was found in transported Troy Ave to the hospital after being struck in the leg at the Irving Plaza.

We reported yesterday that a second shooter is being sought after that investigators believe that might have shot Troy Ave & McPhatter.

The prosecution was building the case using a video (which surfaced to the public) that showed a shooter identified as Troy Ave shooting at the Irving Plaza in the green room area. Though, Troy’s lawyers states the video only tells part of the story and claims Troy only acted in self defense. His lawyers also deny reports that Ave shot his self in the leg.

Sources state that some one Troy Ave had been having “beef” with approached him at the venue before the situation that the surfaced surveillance footage shows. This would eventually turn into a confrontation that lead to a fist fight and the second suspect took out a weapon and hit both Ave & Ronald McPhatter in the chest.

Rumors had started about another New York rapper, Maino, had confronted Troy Ave the night of the shooting at the Irving Plaza but he would dispute those claims and it would come to the light that those rumors weren’t true. His girlfriend, Maggie Heckstall, was also shot in the leg during the incident. She not has a lawsuit against the NYPD for harassing her for information regarding the shooting.

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