Cardi B Confronts & Exposes King Yella In New Video Taped Phone Call

King Yella has been chasing the clout high once again, this time with Bronx rapper Cardi B getting caught in the cross hairs. It would all start when the Chicago rapper would take to Instagram to post a old picture of him and Cardi with the caption, “We had yo b*tch first @offsetyrn @iamcardib,” taunting at the Migos rapper.

After a brief social media uproar from the pictures being posted Offset would call and confront King Yella. In the phone call Offset can be heard telling Yella, “Them gangstas gone beat yo ass,” referring to the Gangsta Disciples in which both rappers have ties to.

Now in a new viral video clip Cardi B is calling King Yella her self to clear the air and confront the rapper for insinuating the two ever had a fling. In the audio Cardi B would reveal that the only reason she was around Yella in the past was because of her ex boyfriend, Tommy. In the video clip King Yella would be lost for words while Cardi B laid into him with harsh words, letting him have it.

Check out the post below: