Cardi B In Hot Water With Crips Gang Members After Disrespecting The Gang

Cardi B’s bloody shoes and gang ties might’ve just got her in hot water with America’s most notorious gang and with NBA All-Star weekend taking place in Los Angeles, California this year; it’s not looking good for the Bodak Yellow rapper.

Cardi hasn’t been shy about letting the world know about her Blood Gang ties. 6 months ago she displayed her newest piece of jewelry created by Elliot Avianne, which was a pendant that symbolized the East Coast Bloods hand sign for Brim equipped with red nails and a red bandanna around the wrist.

Now Cardi B has taken her gang banging to the next level disrespecting Crip Gang members in a Instagram post. The Bronx rapper posted a picture wearing a blue mink and her caption read, “I hate wearing flue but this coat was too poppin.” She replaced the word blue with ‘flue’ which is common in Blood Gang language when wanting to disrespect ‘the other side’. Many would flood Cardi B’s comments with threats and backlash. She has since deleted the caption and cut the comments off the picture.

Check out the posts below:

Flue??????? @IamCardiB 🤦🏾‍♂️ Preach @CoccPistol !!!!!!!!

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