Cardi B Loses It On Instagram & Threatens To Get Rivals ‘Parents Touched’

It’s not out of the ordinary when Cardi B takes to social media to taunt her haters and rivals. Recently, the rapper even made her location public for enemies to come and confront her while at New York’s Lola Lola Restaurant Bar. She would tweet out, “Anyways if anybody wanna fight I’m in 175 Saint Nicholas Ave Lola restaurant in case b*tches or n*ggas wanna fight – is with gang.”

Today Cardi B took to her Instagram to take going at her unnamed rivals to another level, threatening to get their ‘parents touched’. An angry Cardi B would post in her Instagram stories a message that read, “Don’t fuck*n sub be or try to fake threat me cause you know i will eat you nikkas the f*ck alive ..Ooo and i know how to find your parents .Dont get your parents touched. Its only so much i can do for people, sorry that you think i ain’t do enough but SUCK D*CK for thinking i didn’t do shit!! If you fuck with the opps or even try ! Stay on that side. Consider me a enemy!”

If we’re judging by the threats we guess that the rival is a former friend or someone from Cardi’s neighborhood. On a more positive note though, the Brooklyn rapper is nominated for a Grammy for Bodak Yellow. Cardi B is also featured on the Migos’ new single Motorsport with Nicki Minaj which is currently certified gold.

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