Have You Caught On To Cee Lo Green’s Storyline Yet??

Back in December, security footage surfaced of Cee-Lo sitting in his studio then having a phone explode on his face.

Soon after he released an apology stating that he didn’t mean to scare anyone, that he was in good health and that the footage we saw was an introduction to a new character for his Gnarly Davidson album.

I watched the Grammy’s, saw his wild fits, looking like a masked super villain.

And then it clicked: he’s chilling in a studio, phone explodes in his face, forcing him to have to wear a mask. Makes sense, it’s like the origin story of a watered down X-MEN character. I personally fucks with it though, we need to see more creativity like this in music. There are more ways to draw attention to album releases and songs than beefs and sextapes.

– Written By Myke Stallone –