Chicago Rappers & Lead Gang Member Arrested After Showcasing Guns On Zack TV Interview

A Zack TV interview was released that lead to the arrest of a few Chicago rappers and a gang leader by the name of Monk.

In the 40 minute YouTube video the young men flashed guns, drugs, and bragged about dog fighting.

Harvey Police Department watched the video and recognized some of the men in the video as gang members. The clip would lead to a raid where police discovered guns and drugs which would result in the arrest of three men. According to Fox 32 Chicago Detective Howard stated the video, “featured a well-known drug dealer and at least 20 known gang members from various southern Cook County communities. There are several people in the 40-minute video with guns and drugs. The group even sold marijuana to an individual while the video was being recorded. The group boasted of dog fighting and admitted that there was a deceased dog in the garage. The dog died during a fight with another dog.”

The video was taken down off of YouTube on Wednesday afternoon.

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