Footage Surfaced Of Chief Keef’s Chain Almost Being Snatched In Seattle, Chief Keef Responds


Well, from the looks of it, tuck your chains & hide your jewelry because it looks like Fall is going to be “Jack Season”. Within the pass week we’ve witnessed Philadelphia rapper Quilly Millz being robbed of his chain at fist point in a McDonalds, Houston rapper Trill Sammy chain being snatched in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Kim Kardashian being robbed for millions in jewelry at gun point in Paris.

Now in latest news of the chain snatching, jewel jacking saga, Seattle fans allegedly tried to snatch Chicago rapper Chief Keef’s chain. Though, someone got their hands on the chain, this chain snatching was not successful and the rapper left unscathed with all chains in tact.

Chief Keef would later respond to the claims that his chain had been snatched with a video that can be viewed below along with a caption that reads, “Ima fucking dog.” Good thing the chain wasn’t snatched, we don’t want Sosa blowing Seattle up, watch the clips below:

Ima Fucking Dog

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