Chief Keef Complains About Zaytoven Recycling Beats

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Here is a video of Keef on Facetime (not knowing he was being recorded) In the video, Chief Keef explains why he no longer releases his collaborations with Zaytoven “I got no Zaytoven beats. I’m going to tell you why though. I ain’t gonna tell you right now though. But yeah, it’s some fu sh-t going on. It’s a lot of little goofy sh-t,” stated Keef. “Plus, he gives everybody the same beat.”

Chief Keef went on to say Zaytoven has sent several of “his” beats to Migos, 21 Savage & Cash Out.

That n-gga Zaytoven had to be drunk.”

Zaytoven released an official statement to “I send out beats to a lot of these young guys that I really think are talented and got something special. And I do it without receiving any money and a lot of them use the beats on their mixtapes and albums without me even knowing.”



  • Chris Wellz

    Lol ungrateful than a mf. If you didn’t buy the exclusives, the producer can do WHATEVER the hell he wants with the beat.

    • David Harris

      Right, if you ain’t got a receipt, contract, or any proof of purchase that states you bought and paid in full for all rights to the beat and you now own the beat. Then get your beggin ass outta here. This man is trying to make a name for himself and get some monetary value for his hard work to go with its creative value. If you use it for free with his permission it’s not your choice to make if he also gives it to somebody else with permission to use for free. If you want to own rights to his work and his beats, and you want them beats to be yours and yours only, then start breaking him off some cash and sign some paperwork you cheap fuck. Beggers can’t be choosers.