Choking The Chicken: PornHub Viewership Has Increased Since Government Shut Down

It has been a about month since the government shut down started. As a result of this occurring a lot of people are out of work and employees of the government aren’t getting paid until Donald Trump ends the government shut down. Trump has pledged to not end shut down until the democrats donate $5.7 billion to build his ‘border wall’.

Statistics say there are around 800,000 people currently out of work in consequence of the government shut down. That’s 800,000 people with new found extra time on their hands. New reports are now stating that people have a little bit more on their hands than time. PornHub reported that data from January seventh-eleventh shows, that 6% more people are watching porn than before the shutdown. There’s also been a “distinct shift in the hours during which people are watching porn.” All these people who’ve been out of work no longer need to get up early, so “late-night traffic increased by up to 14% above average, while early morning traffic from 9am to 10am had the smallest change.”

Hourly traffic in Washington DC has went up 6.32%.

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