CIA Responds To Conspiracy Theorists Gucci Mane Clone Rumors


Since Gucci Mane’s release from prison after a 2 and a half year stretch he dropped some much anticipated heat on First Day Out the Feds which hit 1.3 million streams and the 1st million was in 24 hours! He also has some high profile features as well on Champions, Back On Road, Vibin In this Bih & We Gon Ride, not to mention his latest joint All My Children.

Though that’s not exactly what has everyone talking. Many are starting to believe this new & improved Gucci we have been introduced to is in fact a clone.

What gives the indication:

1. Gucci’s Signature gut is gone
2. Gucci mane gave up lean & other narcotics to pursue a more healthier lifestyle
3. His vocabulary has gotten a lot better
4. Ice Cream tattoo appeared to removed in pictures (its only faded from laser removal still in tact)


What really gave this conspiracy some steam was when a fake website posted an article saying Lil Boosie stated on The Breakfast Club Gucci had been cloned in jail and that’s who we’ve been seeing the past month. Though, Lil Boosie hasn’t been on The Breakfast Club in 2016, so that should’ve ended that whole deal right?


But like with most things that happen the internet fans ran with it. Gucci did address the “clone” theory jokingly in a snapchat video where he simply said, “I’m hearing Gucci mane is a clone, I’ll will nor support or deny those accusations,” you can see that footage below:

In search of the truth Buzzfeed asked the CIA if the Lemonade rapper has been replicated as part of a government program and the CIA wasn’t too fond on the topic as the agency responded, “Internet rumors are not news and the Office of Public Affairs will not waste time on them.”

Buzzfeed had a little more of a better chance shooting their shot with Jeannine Mjoseth, a spokesperson for the National Human Genome Research Institute. She stated, “Despite several highly publicized claims, human cloning still appears to be fiction,” she also continued by saying “There currently is no solid scientific evidence that anyone has cloned human embryos.”

What do you think of this ? Has Gucci mane been cloned by the government or perhaps he’s just became a greater person and his making better decisions?