Cleveland Rapper Lil Cray Attempted To Bribe Police With $35,000 In Cash


Crayshaun Bates aka Lil Cray is in hot water again after being accused of offering police $35,000 in cold cash to not take him to jail. Cray would call deputies to tell them that he would be late making probation curfew due to a flat tire but police would make a stop by the rapper’s home because of slurred speech when on the phone. According to on January 5th when police arrived the rapper was found along with 8 others gambling & drinking alcohol in the basement of his Cleveland home. The rapper would allegedly offer the officers $35,000 in cash that he had stashed in his house. The arrest made on the night would be the 3rd since he was released on bond for a attempted murder. Cray was booked into jail and released on a new $10,000 bond. A judge will decide whether to revoke his original bond at a Jan. 17 hearing.

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