Colt 45 Is Teaming Up With OJ Da Juiceman To Release A New Flavor Of Beer

Ayyyye! Atlanta rapper OJ Da Juiceman is a legend in the game when it comes to the Atlanta music scene and trap music. The Half A Brick rapper is now planning to dib & dab into new business ventures teaming up with Colt 45 Malt Liquor to release a new alcoholic beverage. The beverage will be called Orange Colt which will be a new blend of Colt 45 with a hint of orange juice. You can expect to see this new form of beverage in your local stores soon. check out the post below:

Coming this Summer #orangecolt Made with real orange juice 🍊 @ojdajuiceman32 @juicyj

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Rapper Kit Ya Digg…. #orangecolt!!!!!! #Workseverytime… AYEEEEEE!!!!!!! NEW 🎼 OTW…… 32ENT4L!!!!!!!

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