Complex Officially Replaces Joe Budden With Star Torain For “Everday Struggle”

Towards the end of 2017 we witnessed the departure of Joe Budden from the rising Complex web series, Everyday Struggle. Shortly after his exit the show would receive a mass amount of backlash from fans receiving massive dislikes and negative comments on YouTube uploads. Fans would also coin the phrase ‘No Joe, No Show’ that would repeatedly fill Complex‘s online feed.

Joe’s seat would temporarily replaced by DJ Whoo Kid which definitely didn’t fill the void of what fans felt was missing from the show. Now after a brief break Everyday Struggle has returned for Season 2 with a new permanent replacement, non other than, Star Torain formerly of the Star n Buc Wild Morning Show on Boom 103.5 Philly.

In the show’s first episode back DJ Akademiks, Nedeska Alexis, and Star Torain speak on multiple subjects including Lil Pump’s voided contract with Warner Bros. Records, Kodak Black’s arrest, the death of Fredo Santana, & more. Star even kicked off the show with a bang poking fun at Akademiks for being in the studio with rappers and repeatedly calling him a ‘d*ck rider’.

Check out Season 2 of Everyday Struggle below: