Craig Mack Was Going To Leave Bad Boy To Sign To Death Row East (Video)

P. Diddy’s former body guard, Gene Deal, appeared on Queenz Flip’s Flip Da Script podcast. During the two hour podcast Deal would talk about several topics including the night Biggie Smalls died, the Shyne club shooting incident, & much more.

During the interview a bomb would be dropped that was never spoke on before. Former Bad Boy artist known for his popular hit Flavor In Your Ear was prepping to leave Bad Boy to sign to Death Row East.

The subject of Tupac’s All Eyez On Me would come up and Deal would start to discuss the truth of Death Row East. Deal would reveal that regardless of how the movie depicted it, Tupac wasn’t going to be over Death Row East, it was going to be ran by Eric B and another business partner. Queenz Flip would call Eric B to confirm the information and he would do so. Eric B would go on to drop the bomb stating, “Ima give you this one to hang the phone up on, you’re going to be sick for the rest of the night. The first artist on Death Row East right after Flavor In Your Ear was Craig Mack. We signed Craig Mack as our first artist after Flavor In Your Ear. One record deal with Puff and he was going to be on Death Row East for his next album.” Though, there was no talk on why the  Death Row East branch of Death Row didn’t take place it would’ve been crazy to see a Bad Boy artist jump ship to Death Row in the middle of the highly publicized East Coast/West Coast Beef. Check out the clip below (talk about Death Row East starts at around the 7 minute mark):