Da Lench Mob Compared Protecting Ice Cube In The 90s To Protecting The President

Da Lench Mob was a rap group affiliated with Ice Cube after his departure from N.W.A. & Ruthless Records. The group were active around 1989 to 1995 and consisted of group members: J-Dee, Threi, Shorty, Chilly Chill, T-Bone, & Maulkie. They were most popular for their 1992 release titled Guerillas In The Mist which also featured the single titled Guerillas In The Mist.

The group recently sat down for a interview with Murder Master Music Show where they would talk about what went on behind the scenes during their heydays.

The group would compare protecting Ice Cube during his feud with Ruthless Records like protecting the president. One member, Threi would state, “With all the madness from F*ck The Police and all the other stuff we was getting, all the hate stuff coming down from up top, we had to bond together outside of rap and it had to be brothers surviving and we had to make sure that dude got in and out of the facility. It wasn’t like rap it was like ‘Ok, this is my dude and we gone get you in and you gone get out of here. We gonna get out as one unit.’”

Chilly Chill would state, “Bats, straps, & all that when I was on stage, I had 9’s in my turntable cases. That was back then when you was able to put straps and guns in your turntable case and put ’em up under the airplane.”

Threi would continue by saying, “A lot of that stemmed from the core Ruthless, all the animosity between Cube leaving and 187 and all them, all that start from straight core Ruthless, then we branched out. You gotta think, that’s their bread and butter. So if they man says ‘Go get them,’ the same thing as Cube says ‘Go get them’ … That’s what it was because you got the two capos calling the shots because that was how we was always eating. This is the man, he’s putting the bread on the table for everybody and the same thing with them. Eazy was putting the bread on the table for them, so we was all going back to that point of time. Think about how much animosity, how much crazy shit we had to live through with the DJ Quik and MC Eiht and all that wild shit but everybody is homies now.”

Listen to the interview in its entirety in the video above.