Danielle Bregoli Addresses Rumors That She Had Sex With Kodak Black (Video)

Lil Cash Me Outside is extending her 15 minutes of fame addressing rumors that her and Kodak Black had sex. A couple of weeks ago a picture along with video surfaced of Kodak Facetiming Danielle Bregoli after starring in the music video for Everything 1k. It also wouldn’t help when the 13-year-old would post a sexual meme on Instagram while tagging Kodak in the caption.

Danielle would state in the clip that surfaced addressing the rumors, “”No. I. Did. Not. Fuck. Kodak. Black,” while hitting her fist. “Just because you talk to somebody, Facetime somebody on the phone, does not mean you’re fucking them. Just because you made a video of somebody’s song does not mean you’re fucking them.”

Watch the clip below: