Danny Brown “Atrocity Exhibition” Album Stream & Review


Danny Brown has consistently been an extremely unorthodox rapper just cruising in his own independent lane. No competition, nobody comparable. Ol’ Dirty Bastard would be an acceptable comparison just based on off-the-wall-ness, but that’s about it. Brown just released his fourth studio album titled Atrocity Exhibition, which is said to be named after a Joy Division single off their album Closer.

The Detroit bred rapper released his new album on Warp Records. This is interesting considering the family like relationship he had with his former label, Fools Gold Records (owned by world renowned DJ, A-Trak). Danny Brown assured his fans that it was all love and just a business decision. When you hear the music on this album, you’ll understand why it was released on Warp Records. Warp houses artists such as Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, and Evian Christ. Evian produced some of Atrocity Exhibition along with The Alchemist, Black Milk, Paul White, and more.

The album offers such a wide array of sounds that it becomes difficult to pigeonhole Danny Brown into a specific genre. In other words, his music is really genre-defying. With such a hodgepodge of influence, it is understandable and impressive at the same time when Brown uses different versions of his vocals. All of this really justifies Danny Brown’s versatility in hip-hop music.

The latest single off the album is a posse cut titled Really Doe. Brown talks about how he recorded on the track and it was “just an unfinished song”. Then Kendrick Lamar heard the song at the studio. K.Dot took the track and recorded all of his vocals on it and brought it back. Then they asked Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt to put the icing on the cake. Pneumonia and When It Rain were also released as singles.

“Some people say I think too much / I don’t think they think enough” raps Danny Brown. With so much complaining about modern rap music, it’s albums like these that need to not be passed on. It will definitely get you thinking…

Stream Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition below & purchase iTunes today.

-Written By Buzz B-