DatWAV Presents: Top 15 Rising Brooklyn, New York Artist

In the rap game, new movements, new sounds, and new lanes are created daily. Hip Hop most certainly houses the trendiest of artists. There isn’t a Lil Pump of the country music world and there isn’t a Lil Yachty of the rock world either. But, not every new lane of hip hop consists of colorful hair and melodic raps. Right now, Brooklyn has their own spin on gangster rap.

We aren’t sure what to call this new lane of rap but it is extremely talented and unfortunately underrated. It seems everybody wants to sing their raps these days. This is not the case with the artists on this list. RAW, GANGSTER, and RETRO are the three words to help classify it. Raw is used because these artists aren’t worried about all the effects on their vocals. Gangster is because of the content of the music, which speaks for itself. And, Retro works because modern rap has been taken over by melodies so this music feels reminiscent of classic rap.

What a better place to have a new style of rap emerge from than New York and even more specifically, Brooklyn. With Atlanta running the rap game, the Brooklyn sound has vanished though, this is their comeback.

Here at DatWAV.com, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the Top 15 artists coming out of Brooklyn. We’ve done our research and we’ve reached out to multiple sources. Let us know what you think about our list as far as quality and accuracy go.