DatWAV UK: Goldie x Skepta Announce Their “Upstart (Road Trip)” 12″ Vinyl Collaboration

For the average enthusiast from across the pond, you may only know Skepta through whispers from Drake rocking a Stone Island jacket, and Goldie from his small cameo in Guy Ritchie’s cult classic Snatch. For the rest, they are known as pioneers in their respected fields, one leading the international crusade for the UK’s Grime scene, the other holding accolades in the Drum ‘N’ Bass world. Perhaps as a birthday present to each other (same day) and the world, they’ve linked up to drop a 12″ vinyl featuring their track Upstart (Road Trip).

Metalheadz Band camp released a statement on the project saying, “Upstart is for everyone who hates the fake shit, the crass commercial crapola, the fucked-up state of everything. It’s pyrotechnic protest music for the hip at heart.”. In other words, expect an original, up beat banger with Pro-Labour notions and bouncing off the wall esque’ beats.

Flip that vinyl over to B side and you have a Goldie collab’ with Fraimz called Poison Darts to bring you back down to earth. Over all things are on the up and up, if you don’t own a record player, better head out and get one, player. Expected release is December 22nd, 2017 and will run you £6.66 ($8.74). Coincidence? I think not.


A1 – Upstart (Road Trip)

A2 – Upstart (Road Trip) (instrumental)

B1 – Poison Darts

B2 – Poison Darts (Instrumental)

– Written By Cam Dougie –

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