Dave East “Kairi Chanel” Album Stream & Review


So, hip hop fans are sick of the Lil Yachty’s and the Lil Uzi’s and the Young Thugs and this person and that person because that “isn’t real hip hop”. Although music is an expression of ones self, it’s hard to not understand where they are coming from sometimes. But, one can not complain about those artists and then not support Dave East at the same time. It’s counterproductive and almost hypocritical. Dave East dropped his debut album today and it’s named after his daughter, Kairi Chanel.

The album, executive produced by Cardo, boasts a 15 song tracklist supported by many rap legends from all over. Fabolous and Cam’ron from New York, Game from Cali, Beanie Sigel from Philly, 2Chainz from ATL, and more feature on the album. Kairi Chanel was released on Mass Appeal Records (Nas’s label), although East has just signed with Def Jam.

The album talks a lot about the Hate Me Now rapper’s life in his hometown of Spanish Harlem, or East Harlem. You can hear the New York influence in his raw lyricism and delivery. The album is truly amazing start to finish and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some songs to highlight are Don Pablo, the single off the album titled Keisha, and any track with a feature. All the tracks with features are very reminiscent of the featuring artists time period.

Another song that needs to be felt is Don’t Shoot. The opening verse is Dave East with an effect on his voice making him sound like a young kid. As the verse goes on and he speaks of being older, so does the sound of his voice. It’s an extremely relevant song considering what’s going on in this country right now. The Harlem native raps,

“They don’t answer to us, we getting tattoos / They think we criminals cause we believe that cash rules / Attitude a little different when you from the gutter / I seen a cop talk crazy to my mother / My father familiar, he told me all about ’em / Told me never go around and avoid ’em, that’s if you can / Black intelligent man they worst nightmare / They’d rather have you in prison forever, they don’t fight fair”

Everybody needs to listen to Dave Easts new album for the sake of hip hop. Trap music is great but there is a time and place for everything. The time and place for Kairi Chanel is anytime and anywhere. This is a certified classic. Remember where you heard it first.

Stream Dave East’s Kairi Chanel below & purchase on iTunes today.

-Written By Buzz B-