Daz Of DPG Responds To Michel’le’s “Surviving Compton” Film


Michel’le’s Surviving Compton movie premiered last night on Lifetime and many are reacting to the film. One of many reacting to the movie is Dogg Pound Gangsta & former Death Row artist Daz Dillinger. A particular scene stuck out involving Tupac and Suge Knight that the West Coast artist & producer would take to Instagram to speak on

In the scene that Daz would speak on Tupac would enter the studio in the middle of Michel’le & Suge Knight’s conversation. Upon entering the room Tupac would greet Michel’le and ask Suge, “You heard my new track?” Suge Knight would respond to Tupac telling him he wouldn’t get any air play with the new track. Tupac would state, “Man fuck airplay this is my truth man. This is how I’m feeling. I bet you if Dre was here….” Suge would interrupt Pac and say, “Dre ain’t here! You wanna talk about truth? Truth is I pay for your time! You’d be nothing but a unknown, broke ass, baby rapper if it wasn’t for me! Now fix the hook!” Pac would proceed to leave out the studio room.

Daz took to Instagram and would state in a video, “You see when Suge Knight was talking to Tupac like that in her movie? I don’t recall no shit like that Tupac wasn’t going for no shit like that. I wouldn’t go for no shit like that and we done had a lot of fights. I ain’t heard no shit like that. That bitch lying.”

Check out the clips of Daz’s reaction to Surviving Compton below:


A video posted by DAZ DILLINGER (@dazdillinger) on


A video posted by DAZ DILLINGER (@dazdillinger) on