Did Designer Make A Hit Out Of a “Future Type Beat” YouTube Search?


Its been a lot of comparisons about the Brooklyn newcomer Desiigner and Atlanta veteran Future. Although today Jermaine Dupri stirred things up on Twitter when he was messing around with his turn tables and came to the conclusion that Future’s Commas & Desiigner’s Panda had the same beat, just possibly flipped. Being that Jermaine Dupri is a veteran producer it’s evident he has a ear for music and it wouldn’t be hard for him to catch on if this was true. Jermaine Dupri took to Twitter debating with fans with a video of Future’s Commas beat playing on his turn tables which was followed up by the Panda beat blending into Commas. On YouTube artist could easily search for a “Future type beat” or any other “type beat” similar to the artist of their liking. Is it possible that Desiigner could have been on a Future beat search when looking for a instrumental for his possible hit? Who knows, but you can listen to the video below & draw your own conclusion. Do you think the two beats sound alike or is this just a possible reach to pick on Desiigner?