Diddy’s Afraid That The Culture of Hip-Hop Is Getting Diluted

In 2018 it’s almost to the point anyone can be a rapper. All it takes is a little equipment and a free Soundcloud account. Where in the heydays of Hip-Hop it required a little effort and a decent budget to jump start a possible ‘rap career’, today many are only a click away from possibly being the next rhyming sensation. This is the very reason that Bad Boy CEO, Sean “Diddy” Combs, issued a statement that he’s concerned the culture with soon be diluted.

He would post a video online speaking out on the matter explaining, “So many people rapping right now, I love it. It is literally like too much. It’s a lot to take in every day, everybody saying the same sh*t, in like different ways. I’m not knocking nobody’s dream. I just don’t want the culture to get diluted. Where it gets so mass produced that it doesn’t mean anything. Artist have to be special. Every artist needs to be unique they own right. If you gone be in this game, be great, cause you can also be apart of the noise.”

Do you agree with Diddy? Is the culture getting too diluted? Is the rap game to over crowded? Check out the clip below:

#Diddy is concerned that Hip-Hop is becoming diluted

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