DJ Akademiks Says “Everyday Struggle” Is Trash Without Joe Budden, Says Star ‘Isn’t Clicking’

It was January 22nd when Complex decided to replace Joe Budden with Star Torain, who would play the role of the new cohost on their web show Everyday Struggle.

While Torain puts the controversy back into the show, the chemistry just hasn’t been there in this new season of Everyday Struggle and it has been evident to viewers that things are just not the same. Now Everyday Struggle cohost is speaking out about how he feels about the web show since the departure of Joe Budden and he’s not holding back.

While on his Twitch Feed a fan would ask about the Complex show and he would respond, “Everyday Struggle been super trash since we rebooted it. You can call it chemistry or whatever, it’s been super trash. I can’t watch the episodes. Thank yall for who do watch the episodes. Them sh*ts is trash. If you notice I don’t even tweet that sh*t, I don’t even put it on my Instagram.”

He would continue to say the show just ‘isn’t clicking’ two weeks after trying a new host in Star Torain. Safe to say this just might be the last season of Everyday Struggle.

Check out the clip below: