Doe B’s Baby Mother Isn’t Happy About Controversial Casket Album Cover, Leaks Conversation Between Her & DJ Frank White

Recently Doe B’s controversial album cover for his posthumous album No Life After Death was released. The cover art which features Doe B is a casket would get a mix response. Some would respond with joy that a new Doe B project was on the way though some would be disturbed that the grim cover art featured the fallen rapper in a casket.

Doe B’s baby mother and fiancé, Dariauna Lassic, would speak out about the situation stating, “If you want to do anything for his kids leave them with the last image they had of their father not of him laying in a casket! There is no amount of money that would make me compromise his dignity & respect!! The love of money is the root of all evil!!”

She would release screen shots of a conversation between her and an executive producer of the album & Doe B’s former DJ, DJ Frank White. She would text Frank White, “Frank I can’t do this cover bruh.” Frank White would respond telling Lassic that Doe B’s mother Shirley Renee Thomas has more say so than her in the situation and he was sorry but it’s business. Frank White would go on to state, “I ain’t gotta put it out for real. I can focus on myself and my kids. We don’t have shit but I’m here, this I’m doing just for Doe and yall to make money. That’s it, all about money for the kids.” Lassic would respond telling Frank White the cover was tasteless and suggested other options. Frank White last response would be, “Bye, never contact me ever. Unfriended if you message me I’ll block you”

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