Doe B’s Mother Talks About Aproving Doe B’s Previous Album Cover & More (Video)

The artwork of Doe B’s posthumous album which was previously titled No Life After Death was released and it caused a lot of controversy. The controversy would stem from Doe B being in his casket on his album cover. Many would speak out against the cover including Doe B’s baby mother, Dariauna Lassic. Though, T.I. would step in and state not too long afterward the released of the artwork and state that the cover art would be changed. Now Doe B’s mother, Ms. Shirley, is now speaking out about the cover stating that she approved the cover. She would state, “I approved it. When Frank came to me and questioned me about putting it on the album cover, I thought about it after I talked with him about it. But then when he put it out there and the response that we got from the fans: all the negativity and everybody coming after him, blaming him for it like he hadn’t talked to none of the family. I thought all that was wrong cause people need to get they information right before they start attacking this man. Cause this man been behind Doe B’s family and his children 100 percent.” Though, the cover will be adjusted the album is still scheduled to release June 13th.