Drake Went On A Gift Rampage In Miami, Handing Out Scholarships & Buying $50K Worth Of Groceries

“Tell Uncle Luke I’m out in Miami too, clubbing hard, f*ckin women ain’t much to do,” Drake said on his 2011 single The Motto. Now fast forward to 2018 and it looks like Drizzy has found a little more to do while in Miami.

The Toronto rapper recently traveled to Miami to shoot the music video for his Scary Hours single God’s Plan. His first stop would be at a Miami high school to ‘turn up’ with fans and shoot a few energetic scenes. While there Drake would show his appreciation by donating $25K and promise to redesign the school’s uniform. He would shortly afterwards head over to University of Miami where he would award a very lucky young lady with a $50K scholarship which will go towards her degree in music.

The donating wouldn’t stop there as Drake would continue to go on a gift rampage. While at a Miami Youth Center he would gift the children with a new van for your field trips. Afterwards he would pay for $50,000 in groceries at Sabor Tropical Supermarket buying food for everyone that was currently in the store. Cameras were present at the time. It seems that Drake’s God’s Plan video will be centered around the concept of blessing others.

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