Dream Chasers Artist Garci Got Into A Violent Brawl At A Philly Celeb Basketball Game (Video)

Meek Mill’s artist and Dream Chasers affiliate Ape Gang Garci was attending a Philadelphia celebrity basketball game when a all out brawl broke out in the bleachers. There’s no word on what caused the brawl but the footage was caught on camera and can be seen above. He would take to Instagram to speak on the incident stating, “I wasn’t even goin speak on this sh* t but f*ck it… As Men we deal with pride and ego…. When it’s a shooting in the city everybody say ” niggaz don’t fight no more” when we fight yall trippin bout that… As men we will never let another man be disrespectful, so appreciate the fact that we was only fighting an not shooting P.S please stop calling my phone with the black power dr Martin Luther king speeches!”