Ed Lover Told A Story About Tupac Turning Down Left Eye Of TLC For Sex

Legendary host & radio personality Ed Lover recently appeared on the Combat Jack Show along side Combat Jack for a dope, nearly 2 hour interview. In the interview Ed Lover would tell amazing stories of his beginnings at YO! MTV Raps, music, TV, successful morning shows on Hot97, Power 105.1 & Boom 102.9, & his relationship with both Biggie & Tupac.

One stand out story the former YO! MTV Raps host would tell would involve Tupac & Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez of TLC. He would state that the situation took place at a hotel party where Tupac approached him asking for his room key revealing to Ed that he was “about to get some pussy”. After refusing Ed finally would hand over the room key to Pac when he proceeded to ask, “Who you getting ready to smash dawg?” Pac then pointed revealing that the female he was intending to have sex with was indeed Left Eye. The two would disappear according to Ed Lover but Pac would return not even “7 minutes later”. Ed would question Pac as to why he returned to quickly & did he “hit that” but Pac stated that he had to left due to Left Eye turning him off when she said she was going to get more comfortable and came out of the bathroom wearing Naughty By Nature underwear.

The story is quite hilarious & nostalgic at the same time, hearing about the encounter between two great artist like Pac & Left Eye. Ed Lover would go on to tell more stories about him and Pac getting thrown out of Magic City & his last time seeing the legendary West Coast rapper. Listen to the audio above & be sure to listen to the entire Combat Jack Show episode featuring Ed Lover below: