The Next WAV Presents: Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez is an upcoming artist from Orange County, CA that everyone needs to know. With the popularity of melodic rappers rising, Eric sits at the top of the throne in SoCal. No gimmick. No fancy name. Real to the core. As often as he shows his soft side, Eric comes from a hard upbringing. He can sing your girl’s panties off but knock your teeth out if you say something about it.

Eric is leading the charge in Orange County, CA as far as indie artists go. He performs on all the big stages and works with the top names in his county. People seem to gravitate to him because of his song writing abilities. Being white with a Mexican last name, his image is kind of mysterious when you just hear his voice. It doesn’t seem to matter what you look like when you have the talent he has. His talent doesn’t just show in his singing and writing. He records himself while also mixing and mastering all of his own tracks. That’s extremely important in hip hop because of how accessible technology is these days. We’re seeing this trend with a lot of upcoming artists and it’s almost becoming a must. You are at a strong disadvantage by not being able to record on your own time and dollar.

Eric doesn’t have many features because he can do it all. He can write all the verses he needs (better than most too) and he can write extremely catchy hooks. Then, he can actually spit and sing while recording it himself. This is what it takes.

Check out his latest project on iTunes called OTB (Outside The Box). A fan favorite on the project is OTB and the WAV favorite is On & Off. Also check out Eric’s heartfelt track he wrote for one of his day one’s that passed away, called The Change.

Eric is constantly dropping new music on SoundCloud and just released a new song titled Killing Me Softly.

-Written By Buzz B-