Famous Dex’s “Dex Meets Dexter” Debut Is A Sound We’ve Never Heard From Chicago

Various different albums dropped this last week or so. One of the albums you should not pass judgement on before you listen to, is Famous Dex’s new album which is titled Dex Meets Dexter. Famous Dex is known for his triplet flow and playful attitude. His bright clothes and tattoos give his image almost a cartoon look which shows through the music. As mentioned before, don’t judge before you listen. The album is actually very good.

Dex really seemed to have taken his album serious. You can hear it in his melodies, bars, production choice, and lyrical content. He doesn’t rap outside the pocket…most of the time. He got the right features from Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, Drax Project, and obviously A$AP Rocky considering their song PICK IT UP went Gold. It is extremely apparent how hard he’s worked and how much he’s improved as an artist. I think this album will change a lot of minds and feelings about Dexter.

The Sosa 808 produced track PICK IT UP went Gold back in February and was the perfect set up for the album release. Fans wanted more so Dex dropped JAPAN which was produced by J Gramm. Other production includes Pierre Bourne, $B, Davaughn, and more.

There are songs for everyone on here. DEADPOOL shows Dex’s lyrical abilities, which are actually pretty good. JAPAN has kind of a Magnolia feel to it. LIGHT has beautiful singing on it by Drax Project and discusses Dex’s single life with the ladies. He got with Wiz Khalifa to tell people to get their lil bitch before they TAKE HER. The Diplo produced track CHAMPION is already a fan favorite. There was certainly a variety of songs on here. With 14 tracks not even toppling 40 minutes, it’s an easy listen. Give it a listen with an open mind and you may be surprised. Dex will only get better. Get excited to see some visuals because they are definitely on the way.

Stream Famous Dex’s Dex Meets Dexter album below: