FBG Duck Violated A Man On Instagram Live For Dropping GD Rakes (Video)

The motion of “dropping rakes” is a gang sign in Chicago gang culture that is used when a rival gang member wants to disrespect a Gangster Disciple. A man recently found out that this motion isn’t taken lightly by GDs when dropping rakes while on Instagram Live with Chicago rapper FBG Duck.

Apparently the man who wasn’t too familiar with Duck was with one of Duck’s associates and decided to make the motion while listening to music. Duck who is an affiliate of the Chicago gang St. Lawrence Tookaville GDs would in turn violate the man obviously filled with anger. Duck would tell the man, “If I break them two fingers that you just dropped in my Live then what you gone do?” He would let the man off lightly with a stern warning before kicking him out of the house they were located in. Check out the video clip below:

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