Feelin’ Like 1999: NBA YoungBoy Pays Homage On Lil Wayne On ‘The Block Is Hot 2017’

Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy dropped his Ain’t Too Long mixtape back in October. Now the rapper is working on a few forthcoming projects with 38 Baby 2 and Ain’t Too Long 2.

He took to Instagram to preview a DJ Swift-produced track that will live on Ain’t Too Long 2 that takes us back to 1999. The tune we will title for the moment The Block Is Hot 2017 is a spin on Lil Wayne’s Hot Boyz Era track The Block Is Hot. On the track YoungBoy rap’s, “Use to be broke but now I’m rich I’m spending every penny / Tupac Shakur riding through the north up in a Bentley,” before going into what appears to be a chorus that mirrors the 1999 smash.

The track from YoungBoy is sounding very nostalgic and we are on the edge of our seats for this release, check out the preview below:

Here’s Lil Wayne’s video for the original The Block Is Hot track which featured B.G. & Juvenile from his debut album The Block Is Hot: