Find Out Why Sean Paul Turned Down Cardi B For A Feature

Dancehall music artist Sean Paul has been the mainstream face of mainstream of genre for quite some time now. The Jamaican legend has delivered to the world a countless amount of hits starting his reign with Shake That Thang back in 2002. Paul has also been known to criticize artist who borrow the sound of dancehall without giving the proper credit to those who make the sound what it is. One new artist that Sean Paul wants to work with is Cardi B but it has been revealed that their last attempt at collabing didn’t go too well.

According to Entertainment Tonight Paul received a demo featuring Cardi B. Though, Paul would reveal why the collaboratiin never surfaced. “There was a production team that I worked with years ago that I left a demo with. Someone chopped up the song and put Cardi in it. I didn’t want it to be that someone put part of her song from some other thing with part of my song from some other thing, so I stopped it from happening. So, I sent word to her saying that I want to work in the studio with her.”

Looks like Sean Paul rather collaborate with Cardi B the old fashion way.