For The First Time Ever Jada Pinkett Smith Revealed Her Drug Dealer Past

Jada Pinkett Smith appeared on SiriusXM’s Sway In The Morning on Wednesday to talk about her forthcoming film with co-star Queen Latifah, Girls Trip. Later in the interview the conversation would lead to Jada talking about her relationship with legendary rap star Tupac Shakur.

She would drop a bomb stating, “When I first met Pac, I was a drug dealer.” She would continue by stating, “I won’t get into the details of it because I’m going to write a book about it but just to give you, like that’s how we started. Then as I was coming out – something very bad happened to me. As I was coming out of the life, he was going more into the life.”

It was back in June when Jada would speak out about Shakur’s biopic All Eyez On Me in which she didn’t take a liking to. She would go on a Twitter rant saying that her relationship with the rap star was misrepresented.

Check out Jada’s interview with Sway In The Morning below: