For The First Time Ever Tekashi69 Speaks Out On Sexual Misconduct Charges

Brooklyn rapper, Tekashi69, is on his way to stardom after his current single Gummo reached 24 million views. Though, the colorful haired rapper’s rising career is currently being stifled by his troubled past.

There has been talk of Tekashi, birth name Daniel Hernandez, being a ‘pedophile’ after he was outed for pleading guilty for three felony counts of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance.

The rapper has been quiet about the allegations though, a rep for Hernandez would speak to Mass Appeal back in August and state,”he doesn’t even like to say the R word [rape], we don’t play around with that shit. As someone with a 3-year-old daughter we take this very seriously… Their whole thing was to try to slander his name and make him look terrible.”

Now for the first time ever Tekashi is sitting down with DJ Akademiks in attempt to clear the air and clean his name up. In the interview the Brooklyn rapper would reveal every detail of the case and what occurred the night of the situation at hand. Check out the 22 minute interview with Tekashi69 & DJ Akademiks below:


  • Danny D

    Total crap he got off 4 years probation… money buys you anything