Flavor Flav Responds To Being Kicked In The Face On The Eric Andre Show


Earlier this week video footage surfaced of Flavor Flav’s appearance on the very bizzare Eric Andre Show. In the video clip Flavor Flav is introduced as a civil rights leader as he proceeded to sit down to partake in his interview. The sound man would later walk up to Flav & touch his crotch, which the legendary hype man definitely didn’t approve of. Other odd things would occur during the episode such as Eric Andre getting naked and getting in a hidden tub under his desk. Though, the one incident that really has Flav angry is him being kicked in the face by comedian Hannibal Buress, which according to Flav didn’t really happen.

Flavor Flav took to Twitter to respond to the video tweeting, “Do not believe that bullshit video of me being kiked in the face good editing job folks, Flavor Flav.” After 2DopeBoyz tweeted out their link to their article on the video Flav would later continue to tweet angrier tweets which read, “Keep sucking that dick you boyz!!! Must be nice for your mouth you fucking assholes!”

Check out the video clip of Flavor Flav on the Eric Andre Show below: